Building Number 853
Nuclear Power School & Hospital Corps Building.

Building #853, the Nuclear Power School was originally the Hospital Corps School. The 3th Regiment Camp James mess hall is partially visible in the background. (Did the Nuclear Power School share the mess hall with the Wave recruits?) Camp James was the recruit training facility for Waves in the 1950's and up until February 1967 when the Waves recruits moved to a new brick and concrete building (Hunter Hall) constructed on the grinder of the previously 1st regiment Camp Rodgers recruit training area. Notice in the photo of the Nuclear Power School the window shades are all drawn -- a security precaution? Was the somewhat out of the way remote location chosen for the Nuclear Power School for the same security concerns?
Building 853, judging by the old 1950's pickup parked behind the adjacent mess hall building 302, this is possibly one of the earliest photos of the Nuclear Power School. The open steam piping is another indication. ▼
Photograph showing building 853 as built in April of 1943. ▼
Photograph showing building 853 in 1945 in use as the Hospital Corps School.
The photo caption reads Class #1 (was this the first class to graduate from the school?) ▼
This photo taken in 1952 indicates building 853 still in use as the Hospital Corps School. ▼
Orientation Map ▼